And so it begins . . .

Writers write. I suppose that can’t be helped. So, because I don’t do enough writing in my day job, and because I’m one of those blowhards who thinks they have something to say, I finally got around to starting my own blog. So what’s with the weird name? Well, I may do a post on that later, so no spoilers (well, unless you’re willing to do the work to look it up yourself). As to what you can expect if you’re crazy enough to read my posts . . .

Honestly, I’ll write about a variety of things. Expect to see my thoughts on news items that catch my eye, excerpts of various personal writing projects not related to my day job, thoughts on my hobbies and interests, and probably some takes on all things Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox. So, that’s it for now. I’ll pass around the link to the blog to interested parties once I’ve written my first substantive post.

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