Operation Hellhound Resources

Spending Experience Points

Experience Point InvestmentCosts and Results
Improve an AttributeSpend XP equal to 100 times the new value. For example, raising Brawn from 7 to 8 costs 800 XP. An attribute cannot be increased above 16.
Improve SkillsTo improve a character’s Skill Expertise or Focus value, spend XP equal to 200 times the new rank. Each type of training (Expertise or Focus) must be acquired separately. A character’s Focus in a skill can never be higher than his or her Expertise.
Acquire a TalentA character may spend XP to acquire any talent for which they possess the prerequisites. The cost of talents is reduced by the amount of Focus a character has in a particular skill. See the cost breakdown in the Talent Cost table below.
Character TraitGaining a new character trait costs 200 XP and requires GM approval. The new trait should flow naturally out of the character’s experiences. Removing a character trait is generally more difficult. In general, the cost to remove a character trait is 800 XP, although the GM may require additional actions to be taken before the XP can be spent.
Learn a LanguageA character can earn a new language for 50 XP.

Talent Cost Breakdown

Talent LevelCost Focus 0Cost Focus 1Cost Focus 2Cost Focus 3Cost Focus 4Cost Focus 5
1st Row200150100505050
2nd Row200150100505050
3rd Row400350300250200150
4th Row600550500450400350

Resources – Documentation

Infinity Fillable Character SheetFillable Character Sheet (pdf)
Bureau Noir Asset Dossier BlankBN Asset Dossier Blank (docx)
Bureau Noir Counter Intel Evaluation BlankBN Counter Intel Eval Blank (docx)

Resources – Websites

WebsiteWebsite URL
Official Infinity Website – Corvus Bellihttps://infinitytheuniverse.com
Official Infinity RPG Website – Modiphiushttps://www.modiphius.com/infinity.html
Infinity RPG Gear Qualitieshttp://smartgarrison.com/infinity/gear.php